February 28, 2019

Today I am in charge of me- sounds very simple right? What if every #women #wife started the day just with that thought? I’m not crazy, believe me I know this is no reality we simply have to many obligations to take care of- to make happen- I sometimes hear myself tell my girls- “ I make your world happen” by that I mean without me doing all the behind the scenes , their worlds may spin but not evenly for sure. Same goes for my husband and my work while I’m at it for that matter. But picture this- we wake up and suddenly have time to oh maybe stretch, have a cup of coffee while sitting and maybe even meditate on what we want to accomplish that day. Instead of waking the house, getting ready for work and taking care of the dog literally all at the same time! Go back to the #meditating And planning of our day- sounds much nicer- would we plan maybe even #10minutes out of each hour for ourself to do something nice for our-self? Would we take time to pick a #semihealthy lunch? Lump a few of those 10 minutes together and plan to meet up with an old friend for #coffee mid-day. Or better yet maybe even a random hour at #thespa to be with ourselves. I know everyone is busy but #didyouknow you can come to the spa and just be with yourself? #yes you can sit & just enjoy the quiet and alone time and maybe even get a simple treatment where someone makes you feel better for just #45minutes. I just think if we start small- 10 minutes an hour every day and take care of ourselves we could be the best versions of ourselves. Our families and co-workers would actually benefit from our newfound relaxed state of mind too! And if we are being #honest if someone told you that you could change your kids, husbands even pets life by giving them just 10minutes an hour you can’t tell me you wouldn’t move mountains to make it happen. So that’s my #challenge to all- give yourself 10minutes- if you want to share how you spend your time or maybe even how you benefited from it - id love to hear from you!! #wardswords #10minutes #challenge #wifemomboss #relax #spa #spa223 #treatyourself #investinyourself #womenover40 #letsdothis