March 8, 2019

I can feel it - Spring Break is right around the corner! Of course, for some very lucky college kids it's happening all over in Sunny Florida full on. But for us school age parents it's finally coming! So are you ready? Of course, your tickets are purchased and hotels or houses are rented. Also bathing suits and fun new strappy sandals are arriving thanks to Amazon, daily to households all over Michigan. So let's talk about your skin. I know most of you - myself included feel that when we have a little color we just look and feel so much better about ourselves. So let's be smart this year. Here is my plan - My goal is to get at least 2 airbrush tan treatments - not a tanning bed, we all know better than that! But a vegetable based professionally applied full body airbrush tan. Make sure that your technician has some experience, this is not the time to meet someone on their "first day"! Make sure you make your appointment a few weeks in advance for your convenience, you really want a time that allows you to go home after in comfy loose clothes and let the tan fully set. If you have questions and everyone does please call us to discuss. We have offered this service for years and it's one of our staff's favorites! As a gift to you - I love gifts! - mention this post and receive $5 off your first application this season. Have a great week! Christina #airbrushtan #spa223 #springbreak #vacation #bronzeskin #healtyglow #tropicaltan #spa223andboutique #wardswords